Phenomics Discovery Initiative launched to enhance translation of phenotypic biology to novel therapeutics for patients

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Dundee, UK - Wednesday 20th January 2016

NPSC laboratory Dundee
NPSC laboratory Dundee

The Universities of Dundee, Oxford and Edinburgh have announced the formation of the Phenomics Discovery Initiative (PDi) with Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. the first industry partner joining the initiative.

A phenotype is one or more observable features or traits that report changes in a biological system or its reaction its environment. Phenotypic screening is the systematic identification of agents (such as small molecules, biological molecules or genetic mutations) that alter a phenotype. 

Phenotypic changes are a factor in most diseases, whether it is a cancer cell undergoing uncontrolled cell division, a motor neuron that fails to connect to muscle tissue, or the complex defects seen in the brain of a patient with schizophrenia.

£8M awarded to SULSA to create UK National Phenotypic Screening Centre.

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The £8 million awarded for drug discovery research will provide new equipment for Dundee that will underline Scotland’s excellence in innovation.

Cutting edge research into potential drug treatments will be led in Dundee following £8 million investment by the Scottish Government through the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).


NPSC is a facility run and operated by the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Oxford, which are registered UK-based charities. 

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