About NPSC

NPSC is a world-class facility for phenotypic screening run by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who collaborate to advance the use of complex biology and to drive innovation.

NPSC is built on a core partnership between the members of the Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA) and the University of Oxford. The project was kickstarted with an £8M infrastructure award from the Scottish Government that allowed SULSA to finance state-of-the-art robotics, instrumentation and computation at the Universities of Dundee, Oxford, and to link up with an additional assay development hub in Edinburgh.

NPSC achieves critical mass in phenotypic screening by harnessing existing expertise and infrastructure from our core academic partners, and maximising alliances with industry, and other national and international initiatives. We strive to provide a platform for knowledge exchange with industry and train the next generation of discovery scientists by offering opportunities within our facility for study, training placements, industry-academia exchanges and professional internships.

Our purpose is to effectively exploit our phenomics research outputs to have positive impacts on society and the economy.

We generate new knowledge and innovations using phenotypic discovery sciences. With our technology and expertise, we address some of the grand challenges in the life sciences and contribute to the One-health agenda.

We aim to help tackle human, animal and plant diseases by creating safer and more effective therapeutics and disease-control measures. 

Vision concept

Our vision is to be a dynamic and highly collaborative interdisciplinary community that is a crucible for innovation, and a catalyst for both novel disease-relevant research and the application of new technologies. 

We are inspired to exploit phenotypic screening as an overarching methodology to help solve complex biological problems that can be translated to solve global health, and human grand challenges in the life sciences - whether this is creating new treatments for complex diseases, tackling antibiotic resistance, or finding new ways of ensuring food security.

We are grateful to a number of organisations that support us or provide funding for our centre.

Our current funders are the Scottish Funding Council, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance and Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V.

Through the consortia we are building, we are gaining significant funding from industry partners.

The funding sustains our talented scientists, makes our research happen, and paves the way for life-changing discoveries.



NPSC is a facility run and operated by the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Oxford, which are registered UK-based charities. 

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