NPSC presents at 2016 High-Content Analysis and 3D Screening Conference

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Cambridge, MA - 31st October to 2nd November 2016.

Neil Carragher, Paul Andrews and Denise Barrault from PDi and NPSC presented work carried out at the NPSC at the longest-running High-Content Analysis & 3D Screening Conference in Cambridge, MA.

The event brought together scientists from academia and industry who were presenting results from the next generation in high-content and phenotypic screening research. 

Neil Carragher, PDi's CSO, gave a talk entitled "Accelerating Drug Discovery through a Dual-Ligand Based Phenotypic Screening Strategy", where he presented his lab's iterative phenotypic screening strategy that focuses on sub-library screening of small boutique chemical sets across informative/context-based phenotypic assay panels. His approach used an agile strategy that combined ligand-based inhibitor design and phenotypic screening in an iterative manner, and demonstrated rapid discovery of an orally-available, ATP-competitive, kinase inhibitor that displays high selectivity and potent antiproliferative and anti-invasive activity against breast cancer cells.

Paul Andrews, NPSC's Director of Operations gave a talk entitled: "The Phenomics Discovery Initiative: Bringing Predictive Biology to the Best Technology", where he presented the PDi — a pre-competitive consortium open to Pharma/Biotech where we use our academic and clinical network to source, develop and screen novel complex disease-relevant phenotypic assays. Janssen is PDi’s founding member.

Denise Barrault, NPSC's Executive Director presented a poster on "PDi - a public private partnership that advances the science and investment in phenotypic screening".



NPSC is a facility run and operated by the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Oxford, which are registered UK-based charities. 

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