NPSC is a collaborative centre of excellence in phenotypic screening applied to human, animal and plant health. 

We aim to change the culture of drug discovery and applied life sciences by "bringing technology to the biology" rather than vice versa. This new ideology allows life scientists who collaborate with NPSC to prosecute assays that are physiologically relevant, and hence more likely to translate into research with impact.

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Submit your phenotypic assay

We are always looking for screen-ready assays or interesting assay ideas to prosecute - whether cellular, complex multicellular or organoid.

Please contact us if you think you have something interesting and we may be able to fund it - from assay development all the way through to screening.

Begin a collaboration with us

We are keen to build new research collaborations that make use of our state-of-the-art high content phenotypic screening capabilities and unique compound libraries.

We are also looking for technology ideas and partners that add something new to the centre. In particular we are seeking interdisciplinary collaborations that can enhance the quality and throughput of phenotypic screening.

Support Us

There are many ways of supporting our facility, scientists and researchers.

Please get in touch so that you can contribute to our new revolution – ”Bringing technology to the biology!”


NPSC is a facility run and operated by the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Oxford, which are registered UK-based charities. 

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